iSista Inc. Leadership

Shakisha Reid,  is the Founder and Executive Director of iSista Inc. Prior to establishing iSista Inc, Shakisha had extensive experience  in working with at-risk youth as well as adults in the State of Florida correctional system.  This broad array of experience has equipped her with a desire to create programs and services to empower women of all ages who are faced with several challenges that often impede them from leading successful lives.  With the development of the MSK (My Sisters’ Keeper) Network, Shakisha intends to foster an environment of sisterhood to support women, regardless of where they are in their lives.  As an Empowerment coach and “big sister” Shakisha develops workshops and seminars to teach valuable life lessons and start needed dialogue.  “iSista is building a foundation in sisterhood.  We are changing lives with lasting solutions and this is only the beginning!”

Contributing Writers

An authority on inspiring women, Tina C. Hines is the president of For My Sister FriendsTM, a movement to bring women together, while finding themselves. Tina’s commitment to providing an organization to improve the lives of others stems from things learned in the corporate world. She has played a key role in maintaining executive operations at several well-known organizations. These on-the-job trainings have catapulted her into her own consulting business.

Make an investment in you and schedule your one-on-one session with Tina by visiting


Tina C. Hines, President/ For My Sister Friends

P.O. Box 753

Franklin Park, NJ 08823



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