Is Faith Enough?

How many times have you been asked “Why are you so mean?” “Why don’t you trust people?” “Why do you always have your guard up?” I know I have asked these questions a thousand times. I have explained my reasons so many times I should put them to music. Have you? Yes people have betrayed and hurt me. Yes I have some deep wounds, scars that I can’t easily forget…But I AM STILL STANDING. Guess what? So are you! You see it isn’t the things that knocked us down that are so worthy of our words but the one thing that allowed us to get up afterwards. I have to admit I have failed at giving the triumph as many words as the trial. Life will beat you up. Loving will rip your heart out but FAITH will keep your perfect peace in order.  You see when we believe that God can do ALL things we begin to feel differently about the situation.  Oh but here is a newsflash. ..sometimes God says no. Just no. I have to say I’m thankful for at least some of the no(s) because had I gotten what I asked for when I asked for it I would be stuck in the muck with that mess and He would be hearing from me yet again begging for out instead of in. Even our obstacles are designed to get us prepared for our great life. Whoever said you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs was a genius! Those eggs simply represent the moments when all appeared to be lost. Just to find that all those broken pieces allow for an amazing testimony to be revealed later.  Sometimes we have to let go. Accept that this thing right here isn’t ours to fix…even if we are the ones guilty of breaking it.  All the time we have to ask God to take charge and allow His will to be done. We spend too many moments standing in our own way. We claim we know He can and we read the bible…we go to church and we learn the words. We even pray and yet until the moment comes where you FEEL differently about all of that you won’t act like it. Say what’s on your heart. Love again. Laugh again. Remember the happy moments with loved ones who have left. Put the pains of the past in the past. Trust again. Live. Grow. Be confident. Smile brighter than ever before. What do you have to lose? Faith isn’t tangible but it is real. What’s even better than that idea is the fact that Faith exists in abundance. Still don’t believe me? Ask yourself this…where has emotional hoarding gotten you really? You did all this to not let anyone else hurt you…All the while you were hurting yourself. It will never matter as much what everyone thinks..or what you let them see. What truly matters is what’s fueling your journey. How do you feel? Take your own temperature.  Find the balance. Now say to yourself FAITH IS ENOUGH! 


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