Emancipation of You

Truth is some people will only get older. They won’t grow up. Some folks will stay fixated on who you used to be and what you used to do and not accept that you have evolved past that. You will hear them say “ohhh so you don’t drink no more..Yeah OK” “Oh Yeah he/she don’t Smoke, cuss, fight, party” Some will even accuse you of forgetting where you came from. Don’t let that discourage you. Don’t let it rattle you. Evolution is a natural progression to one’s better self. We all should grow (mentally and physically ). I used to be the “fight now..explain later” type of woman. Known as “The Mean One” of my family. I won’t say that woman died. I will say she grew up. She needed to. The places she was headed were nowhere good. Now don’t get me wrong I do appreciate that woman, she is a part of me. She stands up and speaks up..even when she is trembling in her boots. She faces her challenges and she charts new territory without hesitation. She serves a purpose but she doesn’t have to stand guard all the time anymore. Know that you are the sum total of ALL that you have experienced. You made it this far in spite of it all. Some of those friends and places of your past made you better but you owe no debt to the past. You CAN grow past it. You CAN live, speak, love and operate differently than you used to. The life you have lived, are living and will live is not only one of the greatest stories you will ever tell but it is that testimony which will allow you to be a catalyst to help another. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t feel obligated to the old..thank God for the lessons of the past and keep your eyes looking towards your future. Whosoever can’t handle it…leave them exactly where you found them. #nodebts #joycomesinthemorningnotinthepast #newness #liberation #thankful





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