Be Aware of Your Perspective

Morning Muffin: The time has come to do away with the thought that someone is “doing something TO you”. This journey called LIFE is filled with curved roads, peaks, valleys, precious moments and even tears. We are all experiencing LIFE at the same darn time. Yes folks lie on you, but they also lie to themselves. Yes relationships go bad, but everyone wants their someone…sometimes we just take the long way “home”. There is no trick to it..there is only your perspective that affects your journey. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be aware of your perspective. Know that there isn’t a conspiracy always at play to keep you from growing. That, my friend, is the ultimate deception. We have allowed so many things to pollute the way we see life. As the Ghetto Boys once sang “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me”…these attitudes of defeat, deception and discouragement are tools of your greatest enemy. Replace that with love, compassion and victory! ~Be Blessed #CoachKishapproved




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