Morning Muffin: Love Yourself

How much love do you give to yourself? Fact is most of us will give to others more love, respect and care than we are willing to give to ourselves. That, dear one, isn’t loving. You see real love comes from a place in you that is abundant..overflowing…fruitful- Not a place of lack, deprivation and drought. Love is the fruit you bring forth from a well cultivated bounty within. You are a better everything when you love you first. The very best wife, best mother, best daughter, best friend, best sister loves the muchness of her own worth and shares that gift with the world. If you can look at your situation and see that you have given from your lack (I did everything for them and nothing for myself) know that it is NOT too late to change it. You are the catalyst through which one of God’s most priceless gifts flows. Take care of your vessel! #CoachKish




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