Election 2012: Let’s Get Educated

Like many of us, politics is not something I think about on a daily basis. Well that’s until election year when we are inundated with the months of “I approved this message” ads; near scandalistic pokes and prods into the candidates personal lives; debates that are more like word game boxing matches; and political rhetoric that is worse than watching water boil in the sun. We are all subject to the political changes and all the acrobatics that come along with an election year, the end result may not conclude with our candidate of choice, and for what it’s worth, the candidate that wins is still your President.

I didn’t understand the Electoral College when I was in Social Studies, and so far as an adult, my interest remains the same. I’m not an expert on Congress or the Senate. I am classified as a Democrat, but I did vote for Bush during his last election because Kerry was a bigger liar and didn’t have the decency to manage his deception until after he was elected like every other politician.

With all that being said, I say this, get educated on the election and all the rhetoric that comes along with it. But most importantly, get out and vote. Become acquainted with what each candidate stands for. Though you may not agree with all their platform policies or the groups that endorse them, still get educated on the issues and their stance. Get educated on their track record. Words will only take us so far, only their actions can prove who they are (hey that rhymed). I’m not here to endorse one candidate over the other, vote for whom ever you want to, just vote! We must agree to disagree, but let’s agree to vote.

Truth be told, both sides of the aisle have the same goal in mind, and that’s to have a better world including the economy, healthcare, and the other issues in between. The only difference is the route in which they will choose to get us all there; we the American people will have the choice of who will be driving that bus. Remember the President that’s elected on November 6th will pass laws that will ultimately affect your grandchildren; just like our grandparents vote at our age has affected us now.

Know where your polling station is; understand the amendments that are that being passed in your county; don’t just vote for the President of your choice; and schedule time in your day to go vote.


Written and Submitted by Shanterra Carter-Bruce (Contributing Writer)


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