Headbutts, Headlines and Headaches

I know most of us find it comical that Chad and Evelyn are in the headlines for a recent confrontation but what’s really the deal?  I have read comments from women citing the fact that Evelyn was only out to get his money and had he married a “sistah” he wouldn’t be going through any of this. I can’t say I agree. I personally have no issue with interracial couples. I love seeing people in love. I wonder, however; why so many black women take little issue with the alleged split forehead Evelyn reportedly sustained and rant on about if he would have married a black woman he wouldn’t have gone to jail.  ATTENTION Chad: As much as I celebrate my brothas..head butt me and see how fast I dial 9-1-1.  Now as for Evelyn being solely after money..wouldn’t she stand to gain more by letting this incident slide, get her reality show on the air, have a baby (or two) and allow him to cash a few checks from the Dolphins?  I’m just saying.  I agree that they are both way over the top and it probably wasn’t a good idea for them to get married. He is a diva in his own right and she is a mouthy, ready-to-fight-at-the-drop-of-a-dime, highly opinionated latina.  We all could see this debacle coming a mile away. Truth is this ugliness isn’t a good look for either one of them. After watching Evelyn pop off and hop on many of her cast mates season after season on Basketball Wives, no one views her as a helpless victim. As for Chad, his arrogance kinda makes you wanna walk up to him and say “nanny, nanny, boo boo That’s what you get!”

Let us keep in mind that both of these individuals are parents. Their children are somewhere reading the headlines, watching the coverage and viewing tweets/facebook. If this isn’t fair to anyone, it’s them.  I often look at the privileged lives these celebrities live and wonder why? If all you wanted to do was make a mess of great opportunities why not just get out the way and let someone who would actually do something with it have a turn?



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