I’m Afraid of….SUCCESS

I’m afraid of success…sounds crazy right? Well it’s true and I know I am not alone.  You see, most of us are all too familiar with what it feels like to lose. We spend a great deal of our existence getting over losses (relationships, jobs, money, friendships, loved ones, status). What we often run from is the mysterious place called SUCCESS.  I often find myself excited about the potential a project holds. I dream about living in the house of my dreams, driving the car of my dreams, standing in an arena speaking to crowds as far as the eye can see dressed finer than frog hair but then I wake up.  In a relationship, I fantasize about being the pampered princess getting flowers, candy and all kinds of gifts just because I exist. I imagine being celebrated and longed for…adored. Then I wake up.  You see success is, for most of us, very much a beautiful nightmare.  I have been afraid that I would make it to that place (success) and be seated at a table, right next to Oprah, Michelle Obama, Ellen, Queen Latifah and Maya Angelou. I picture them laughing and sharing stories of success much greater than mine. I fear the moment they ask my opinion because I couldn’t imagine being polished enough to have anything purposeful to add to the conversation. I fear realizing, at that moment, I am not a success…just a lucky fool.

Fear of failure is not often the culprit that ‘s keeping us shackled to a mediocre existence…fear of our own greatness is.  Spending too much second guessing where we belong, if we are deserving, what if “they” are better than I think I am are the haunting thoughts that rob us of being truly free.  Looking at ourselves in a warped mirror (state of mind) and finding nothing more than flaws. What do successful people know that we don’t? I figure they know that win or lose tomorrow is going to come and I can try again. Success thereby is more of an attitude..a state of being, than anything else.

Every day I live I get to choose who I want to be. Fear of being great is a smoke screen too many of us have gotten caught up in.  I have dreamed a lot of dreams in my lifetime. All of which are truly achievable. Never have I dreamed I was a fish in the ocean or a bird in the sky.  I dreamed I was great in my purpose. I am prosperous and respected. I am loved and needed. I have friends and family. That is winning..on every level!

What is the lesson here? Don’t let fear steal your joy. Don’t let the enemy throw your dream, your purpose into the black hole of nothingness. You already know what failing looks like. It is time to know what winning, growing, loving and showing is! Once upon a time, this blog was even a dream. Fear tried to kill it, WHO DO YOU THINK WON?




One comment on “I’m Afraid of….SUCCESS

  1. This is so true; it is something I am wrestling with regarding two very important things in my life and I am determined to overcome with some help.

    I encourage people to go for it but drag my feet slightly; so frustrating but it has to stop, that fear of success must die!

    Like the writer, I visualise myself successful in my chosen fields. Why do I shy from being what I know I can be?

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