Let it Go…Set Your Abundant Life Free!!

“What you think about, you bring about” this quote can be applied to just about every aspect of life.  If we focus on things we want in our lives, they will manifest. If we spend our time consumed with all the things we DO NOT want, we draw those things to our lives as well.

If you are you anything like me you are probably reading this thinking “yeah I have heard this all before”. The point is growth is a powerful and sometimes painful experience but the silver lining is once you go through it…its over. Tomorrow comes and that whole thing is in the past. Question is why do we drag that pain into our present and allow it to infect our future?  I am not trying to paint the picture that there is some quick fix out there. What I can promise is that if we embrace LIFE for all that it is…joy, pain, laughter, tears, love, like and even days of “just leave me alone” we will make and lose friends but we WILL survive.  Just because we love and lose doesn’t mean we shall never love again. Those relationships were just training material for a greater love that is yet to come.  That job wasn’t your career, that house wasn’t your home, this isn’t your end…just the end of a moment in your journey.

Most importantly this is YOUR life…no one else owns it.  You deserve to live in the abundance of your heart.  Make the commitment to let the pain go and set your abundant life free!


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