Trayvon was MY Child TOO!

I am the mother of a 17 year old son.  Every since this story broke, I have been brokenhearted by that one simple thought. I, too, am the mother of a 17 year old son.  In less than 90 days, Lord willing, I will witness my son graduate from high school.  In less than five months, he will be a freshman in college.  I can still remember the first moment I laid eyes on my 10 pound 3 ounce bundle of joy.  I often wonder where the time went.  When I think about Trayvon’s mother, I can only imagine that she can also recall the first moment she held him in her arms, his first steps and even anticipated watching him walk across the stage on his graduation day.

I can imagine that when she agreed for him to spend spring break at his father’s home in Sanford, Florida she breathed a sigh a relief KNOWING he would be in good hands and out of harm’s way.  I would have had that very same thought.  We can debate the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law to the end of time and it won’t make this right.  Trayvon represents the face of every single boy child in every community in this country.  He wasn’t robbing a neighborhood, he wasn’t selling drugs, truth is if he was doing any of that most of us would say “oh well that was inevitiable”. Instead, he was just being a kid, buying a snack and heading back to his dad’s.  A stranger was following him and he tried to lose this “weird” guy.  In hindsight, it seems he had every reason to fear this man.  The innocence of childhood was lost on that day and no matter what we may want to think about the virtues of protecting our belongings from unruly teens, this was a bad call.

Trayvon was my son too.  I can’t imagine, Tyriq (my 17 year old) making a different decision than the ones Trayvon made on that day.  I know that I would have been delighted to hear his father say to me “I want him to come up to my house for Spring Break.” I would have lovingly helped him pack his bag and kissed him on the forehead and said “have fun and make good decisions” (ask him, I say this everyday). I, however; could not imagine him coming home to me in a box.  Geraldo commented and said “his hoodie was as much at fault for his death as Zimmerman”. REALLY??? I would love to know what Geraldo would say if Trayvon was HIS child.

I stand with every parent and otherwise appauled citizen of the world,  for every child, everywhere. They deserve the chance to grow up.  To live in a changed world, where we don’t search for reasons to mow them down in the streets, no matter what neighborhood the street may be in.  TRAYVON WAS MY CHILD TOO!


One comment on “Trayvon was MY Child TOO!

  1. 11/19/2010
    Marcus is a13 yr old boy with 23 medical diagnoses and no current Medicaid insurance or school.

    This week he will need life-saving medicines for his ulcer and severe lactose intolerance; as well as Xopenex for his asthma. He needs an NILD program to enable him to experience academic success.

    Where is the Mr. Canada for Florida, Mr. President? I challenge you that thousands of black male youths with the diagnosis of Autism are exclusively labeled as retarded, violent and warehoused in Alternative schools, day programs or incarcerated. I further submit to you that they are disproportionately represented in Florida.

    Minority parents, some stuck in entry level or subsistance levels of employment have been railroaded by the medical, educational and legal processes and systems in this state when they present their children for care. These systems are creating “rap sheets” where true IEP’s once stood as the standard for care.

    If the parents do not refute these labels or are unsuccessful they “stick” tighter than crazy, gorilla glue. This Art of War attack on the psyche of these families cripples their ability to access or provide a quality educational experience for their child and robs society of the gift inherent in each of these minds.

    This Machievellian approach to minority autism care in the state of Florida is morally wrong. It violates these children’s civil rights and reminds me of RICO and racketeering. We have our share of judges and attorneys in this family too.

    Thirty years after Willowbrook, Geraldo Rivera should complete his important life’s work for the generations. Revisit your “first love”, be faithful. Where does the paper trail lead for these children; particularly minority children?

    The NILD programs have the potential to change the outcomes for these children’s educational repertoire and their futures. This enriches the state of Florida’s most valuable natural resource its people.

    Mr. President you know that you can make a puppy into a mean dog by the way you treat him; by what you deprive him of, and by what you allow to happen to him. I will not allow that to happen to Marcus or any other child. Marcus has been denied access to good health care by providers afraid of the system and in need of economic stability. He has been stereotyped and denied critical, potentially life-saving, certainly life-enriching speech therapy.

    When I demanded that these services be supplied before he “aged-out” of the system, I believe they cooked up the Machievellian scheme to have him Baker-Acted as psychotic in response to my request and his response to his severe “violent” response to his allergy to grasses.

    There is an old West-Indian saying “God sits high and he looks low”. That day the angels were assigned to thwart the attack from the evil one. When the sheriff arrived to take him away from the freshly cut grass at his school, the sheriff accessed the situation and announced” This boy isn’t psychotic, he has low verbal skills and is trying to tell you something. He’s autistic!” The officer took him to the hospital and noticed the farther away he got from the school (and the fresh cut grass,) the calmer Marcus got. By the time he arrived at the hospital Marcus was kissing the officer’s neck for rescuing him.

    The school weary of accomodating him neglected to administer his asthma medications on hand or call us. In the past the principal would call and say “Don’t bring Marcus today, we just cut the grass. Confused and intimidated, as most young parents are, he was taken to a provider who cursorily ordered the drug of the day, neglecting to get even a blood sugar or baseline kidney function, resperidal. To which he had every adverse reaction to, necessitating benedryl administration and discontinuance; and not knowing that it would be placed on his school record and make it appear as if the family is complicit, agreeing to the diagnosis. Still denying a child with 23 medical diagnoses of comisserate speech therapy. A pity and a crime against Marcus, the family and the people of the great state of Florida; especially since he has entered a window where he is trying to put sentences and words together to help himself.

    NILD and the end of these institutionalized practices will take us out of the Dark Ages and into the Light in fostering and caring for “the least of these”. Read Matthew 18.

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