Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

To achieve success in any area of your life be inspired to think and speak it. How many times have you thought about something good, bad or indifferent and that thought transitioned into reality? What would happen if you start to claim everything your heart desires? You just may receive it!!

What do you believe is your reality? No matter how much you give of yourself, you never feel appreciated. You have been through some things and no one really understands. Well if they said you cannot do it, then it must be true. Your past has a grip on you that won’t seem to let go. If you truly believe the reality of these thoughts is holding you back, you are probably right. How can expect someone to want more for you if you do not want more for yourself?

Think about this: You have been unemployed for a while and after sending your resume to several companies you finally get a job interview. The position fits your background, has growth potential and most importantly provides you with benefits that will get you back on your feet. The day of the interview you are professionally dressed and fully prepared for every question that will probably be asked. But you left one thing at home . . . your confidence. As soon as the interview concluded, you walked out thinking, “I know I didn’t get that job.” Guess what? You are probably right because you mentally sabotaged yourself and your abilities. In addition, if you carried that negative thought out the door, more than likely you carried it in with you. What would have happened if you had claimed it as your job?

Negative thoughts can hold you back from realizing your potential and sometimes those thoughts include things others have said to you, past experiences and fear. Unfortunately, no matter what you do (good or bad) people will have an opinion. It is human nature. Recognize that those are their opinions and not yours. Don’t claim their thoughts or opinions; claim your own and make them positive.

The definition of past: having existed or taken place in a period before the present. Guess what? You cannot change the past, learn from it and move on. Easier said than done but if you are willing to put in the effort it can happen. On James Fortune’s Identity cd, there is a song that states, “The curse is broken. Your past is not who you are.” Ladies, you don’t live there anymore so do yourself a favor and stop visiting.



Why be fearful? You are stronger than any fear you are keeping in your pocket. Choose to gain more confidence than you know what to do with. As for fear, it is one of those words you should not claim. So write it down and scratch it out!

Now that you have gotten rid of your fear, let’s identify ways to transition your thoughts and fulfill your heart’s desires.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Co-Founder of Chopra Center for Wellbeing (www.chopra.com) states in The Law of Detachment, “In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning.”

  • Make a conscious effort to transition negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This may be a challenge because sometimes you are unable to recognize the positive side of a negative situation.
  • Be committed to making a transition. It is so easy to give up and throw in the towel at the first sight of trouble. But, anything worth having requires commitment and may challenge your every being. However, if you are seeking inner peace, you have to choose your starting point and want it for yourself.
  • Don’t get discouraged when things do not go as planned. Tomorrow is another day, consider it as a do over. (Just don’t have too many do overs.)

Dr. David Simon, Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing (www.chopra.com/files/newsletter/Jan12/Jan12-David.html) shares how to choose intentions that are right for you. To fulfill your hearts desires, draw up a contract between your physical body, your thought-generating mind, and your observing soul. It is important to get agreement from all three.

  • Body – allows you to experience it and take action
  • Mind – allows you to think about it
  • Soul – is your silent guide

If your mind, body, and soul say “yes” to a choice and you move forward with that option, you are more likely to manifest the desired outcome. Similarly, when your mind, body, and soul send you signals that a particular choice is best avoided – and you heed that message – you are almost certain to avoid distress.

Sister Friends, this is the beginning of your journey towards obtaining inner peace; your journey towards allowing positive thoughts to create your reality. Change does not occur overnight but each day you can get a step closer. Take that first step by investing in you. The curse is broken and the woman of the past no longer exists.

Be Inspired and Inspire Someone                                                                                                                                 Written By: Tina C. Hines, President / For My Sister Friends



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