The “Casey Anthony Diaries” HUH?

As Casey Anthony sat perched on a chair in front of her laptop sharing the details of her new life I could not stop shaking my head wondering “huh”? I mean I get it, she was found innocent of murder and as such deserves to return to a “normal” life but wait a minute Casey….YOUR DAUGHTER WAS MURDERED!!!! I mean come on, sitting here shooting the breeze about how long you will remain in hiding and your new puppy and the kindness of strangers…but you NEVER mention that your child, your beautiful, innocent baby girl was murdered and since you didn’t do it…THERE IS A MURDERER RUNNING FREE OUT THERE! Right?

For every parent, sadly I know a few who have lost a child, I ask what does a normal life look like after your child is gone? Does their name still come up in conversation? Do you still get that sinking feeling when you see their picture or meet a child with the same name? Why isn’t Casey Anthony publicly demanding that the search for her daughter’s killer continue? I mean she has this uncensored forum. I cannot imagine an innocent parent, after having been dragged through a lengthy trial and found NOT guilty, sitting there talking about insignifcant accounts of her day when the guilty party roams the earth free.

Who is the voice of the silenced child? Who cries her tears and fights this battle? Rest in Peace, Little Caylee…we have not forgotten.


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