Rings, Flings and Emotional Dings

There has been a whole lot of talk about Kim Kardashian and the 2 million dollar engagement ring, mostly asking should she give it back or is this a case of finders keepers..losers weepers. “Commitment” and ’til death do us part” are terms that seem to get lost in translation these days and makes me worry about the fate of our children as they grow and try to mesh in with all this madness.  My grandparents have been married for over 60 years and I am sure every single day of their marriage was not all sun shiny and bubbly.  Keep the ring or not really doesn’t matter to me but the blatant disregard for what marriage should represent truly disgusts me.  In this country we deny couples the right to marry because their relationships do not “qualify”. We have groups that are designed to protect the “traditional” family value system and yet these numbskulls can jump in and out of marriage like their changing outfits. I fail to see the “value” in that. Oh no this is not a gay marriage debate..seeing as that I don’t think any of us are qualified to validate someone else’s relationship, but I do believe that it is pretty clear when a marriage only lasts 72 days..something in the calculations just isn’t right! Did he cheat? Beat her up? Steal money? Or in all things Kardashian did he make the mistake of expecting to have a wife while she was looking for another photo op? When they say you can’t buy love…this MUST be what “they” were speaking of. Which brings me to comedian and actor George Lopez (sorry don’t know his marital stats) but here’s a guy who needed a kidney transplant and his then-wife gave him one of hers…to save his life….so how does he thank her??? He cheats…divorces her and yeah HE KEEPS THE KIDNEY!!! Now I know what u thinking….could she really expect the kidney back? I don’t see why not! So you gonna leave me for someone else AND consummate while rocking MY kidney?? I think not! Come on guys am I wrong here? Maybe she is somewhere perfectly ok with this but I am NOT! I can only imagine that at some point she felt like she wanted her darn kidney back…if only she would have known….ring-a-ding-ding….


2 comments on “Rings, Flings and Emotional Dings

  1. So I will leave my comment on this, even though I am thinking it will be highly unpopular… lol. If it were me(when it was me) I would and have given back the ring. It’s such a sad state of affairs that this nation was born into and still thrives in that somehow financial gain equates to success or much worse, HAPPINESS. The ring didn’t make her happy on her finger so what makes her think it will satisfy her carnal lust OFF of her finger? Don’t ask me; but after watching their wedding day special I am convinced that Kim needs some serious blessings in her life. Honestly, after coveting her beauty and so-called “success” for quite some time, I was surprised that when I actually gave her more than a few minute gander I found myself only capable of feeling pity for her. Anyway moving on to Mr. Lopez… Do I agree with the situation or in any way find it ideal for either of them? NO; however, if I were the kidney giver I would hope that when I initially gave that kidney I did it out of unconditional love. I would hope that because I ever loved him I would continue to love him even when his behavior wasn’t loving me back. I would hope that out of the amazing thing that I gave of myself to save a life, that I would at least be granted the strength and stability to get through something as painful as that emotional hurt. Also, for ME; more importantly I would NEVER want ANYONE to stay with me out of obligation. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that when two take those vows before God those two people must stick it out and work through WHATEVER comes. But, at the end of the day, if I am working, striving, and patching it all together, while this man just wants to be free of me… at a certain point you have to let the person go. If I cant lead him to love and GOD himself cant “kidney” the love in there, then why would I want to be locked up in this? Perhaps, very simply, there is just something better for her now that he has relinquished her.

  2. You make an interesting point. I believe that Kim K and her kin are shameless self-marketers and although i would usually take the side of the bride and have her keep the ring, as far as Kim goes – oh well, the controversy over the ring will generate more publicity for her and her “brand”.

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