Homeless Veterans – How Can This Be?

Most of you have been introduced to the newest branch of iSista which is Guiding Light of South Florida, Inc. One of the main components of GLSF is to provide transitional housing to homeless women, many of which are ex-offenders. Today I watched Oprah and learned of another group of underserved women that has left me wondering where our priorities lie as a nation. Today’s show spotlighted homeless female veterans…yes you read that right. HOMELESS VETERANS! I wonder how could this be? How could someone who has pledged their very life to stand and protect the freedoms we take for granted return home to find themselves living in a car or worse? I firmly believe no man or woman who has risked their life, separated themselves from their loved ones, lived in conditions I can only imagine to ensure our continued freedom should EVER be homeless or come home to debt.

I, for one, never aspired to join the military but I have family members and friends who have served and are currently serving. Let’s face it, most of us don’t want the job they have committed to. We quit for less! What if tomorrow you went to work and your boss dared to say “hey we are going to need you to lay in this hole for the next few weeks..day in/day out..no matter what the weather..oh and by the way you may never see your family again” I see you reaching for your car keys already (I’m already in the parking lot). At the end of my workday I go home, fix dinner, check homework, check facebook and get ready for the next day oblivious to what our soldiers are doing to make sure I can always be so lazy. We have to do better for them, they have EARNED that much.


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