I’m Every Woman…..So Are YOU!!

Ladies this message has been exploding in my heart all day and I want you to know that the enemy is so treacherous and afraid of the truth that he tried every trick in the book to keep me from sharing (internet connection, FB would not open, password problems and then the first draft of this posting mysteriously disappeared) but that just confirmed for me that I am exactly where I am suppose to be at this moment doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing. I can proudly say to the enemy “U are a liar!” You know you are on the road to a breakthrough when everything seems to be getting in your way sistas. Please know that!

This past week I have spoken to so many of my sistas and have been broken hearted for each of them over what they shared with me. Even though none of their stories were the same they all shared one thing…defeat. Made me wonder do any of us truly know that our personal perception of life starts from the inside and manifests on the outside?

Ladies, let me say that I too am pressing through an issue that is not easy to accept and continues to challenge me. I find peace in the knowledge that this is yet a moment in time and that I have already been placed on a path to the victory I deserve. It bothers me, yes it does, but it does not consumme me. I am a believer that just when we think that our problem is the biggest, toughest, most impossible obstacle in this world we can be reminded that this battle, just as so many before it, is not ours. It does not define your life’s purpose. Sistas we are survivors! We overcome! Truth is we are being polished and we shine brighter everytime.

I hear my sistas say “I know things will get better. God is working it out” However, they are walking around with their heads hung low and their body slumped over in defeat. How an we say we KNOW greater things are coming but carry ourselves as if all we have to look forward to is more pain and suffering? Kinda like wearing a Vera Wang gown with some dollar store chinese slippers. Can you picture that? Do u KNOW the commitment our Father has made to us? He can do all things…except fail! He gives us one another to lean on when our strength runs a little low.

Why, then, do we silently suffer? If our husbands cheat…our children become disorderly….our finances are a mess….our health is is failing…can we not say “sis I need you?” Sistas…can we reach out and take that needing hand and not judge? Can we show compassion?

I challenge each of you to do exactly that…..EACH ONE…REACH ONE!


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