Absentee Parent: 10 Years and Running

This story is going to be all too familiar but just bear with me: My son is 10 years old and his father has been in pursuit of “getting on his feet” for just as long. Now usually he pops up every 60 days with a call or stop by and then somehow this past year he totally disappeared..no calls, no guest appearances. My son has questioned me to no end about where, when and why he has not heard from his dad and then I get this letter:

First of all I am sorry for not getting in contact with you sooner!!!!! Second, I don’t even begin to know how to face you or my son!!! Third, yea, be mad, i deserve it… I don’t care!!! I know that at this point i have failed my soni, you, everybody!!!! Just know that was not on intentional!!! I DID NOT FORGET my sons birthday, or Christmas!!!!!!!! I left Miami last year and have not been back…
I have beeen out of town trying to find work and get back on my feet!!!!!!!!!! But this shit is not happening!!!!! I am tired!!!! I don’t know what else to do but, keep trying!!!! I saw your message 1 week ago and could not respond, because I know that MY SEED is hurting!!!!!! Just know this!!!!! I am better tan this!!! I love MY SEED!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am hurting tooooooo. I am tired of struggling, yet i refuse to give up!!!!!!!! so, be mad, you have the right to be!!!!!!! But if I ever get this right My KIds are At the top of my list of concerns!!!!!!! I AM NOT A F#!King dead beat DAD!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!!!! BE MAD!!!!!!!! I AM VERY MAD AT MYSELF!!!!!!! IF you think that I AM enjoying this rethink it !!!!!!!! KEISHA I DON”T know what else to say!!!! WHEN I can buy a phone I will call you!!! I have not had a chance to use a computer in months… right now i am using a friends.. Tell my son i will not ever forget him he is mine
if you want to respond i will check face book when i can!!!! If not i understand!!!! oh!!!! ur pic looks nice!!!! you look happy!!! I would not wish anything less for you!!!!

Now before you call him all the things I initially wanted to let me tell you what this letter really did to me…It made me say thank you God! Yes it did! Why? Because I was almost convinced he was dead! I thanked God that, on top of all the other things I cannot explain to my son, I did not have to look in that child’s face and say “I have to tell you some bad news’ as well. Family…a few years ago I watched painfully as my niece and nephew said goodbye to their father for the last time and even to this day that pain is real for them. What’s my point? Well family, we get caught up in the economics of parenthood and forget the emotions. I, personally, could care less where he winds up but my child cares. Rich or poor, sick or well, famous or infamous..our children need our presence in their lives. I know this is a hard pill to swallow when you are struggling to raise a child and the other party is somewhere living carefree but if I can impress ONE thing on you today..let it be that time is priceless! TIME IS PRICELESS! I thank God that he is alive based on that fact…and I continue to pray that he will discover where his wealth lies..in the face of his child! Be blessed!


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