I’m Happy With Who I Am…I’m Just Worried Are You Happy with Who I AM?

Submitted by member: Shaunte’ Reid

I have been feeling some sort of way and just a moment ago it hit me. I am happy with my curves and my rolls and my thickness but I am not happy when YOU point it out to me. I can stand in front of my mirror and love me up something serious but when YOU get there I worry. Now I know what you are thinking if HE loves me HE should love me always. The catch is I mean women too. We as women see other women full figured or slim and for some unspoken reason “we don’t like her”. I am the type of person that usually miss the concept of the size of the next woman. Why? Because I am too busy making sure I look right. I find my days smiling at me loving me up and someone will come and say “You shouldn’t do that. Let someone else love you” but if I wait around for some random person to say they love me and never show myself any love where is the justification in that. Yes I have moments when I want to weigh less but really I love the skin I am in. Why should I change? Who knows what is good for me? Any doctor will say being healthy is the key. So if I eat healthy, watch my sugar and never have any issues does that make YOU better than me because YOU are skinny. Why compare? The joke is on you people who exercise everyday because my doctor told me my cholesterol rate was one that most of his slimmer, I run fifty miles a day, patients do not have. Guess what the doctor said? “How did you do it?” Yeah my hips, curves and rolls may offend YOU but I am sick and tired of trying to change them so YOU will stop giving me that look YOU do when YOU see me coming. I am happy, I love myself and truly I do not plan on changing. Now I know some people feel like you have to change for your mate but guess what…..If he start loving these curves right, he won’t want to stop. Love the skin you are in as I hug myself for being a thick girl with curves that JUST LOVE ME SOME ME!!!


2 comments on “I’m Happy With Who I Am…I’m Just Worried Are You Happy with Who I AM?

  1. I love this …..I think as females we are too critical of each other. There is so much insecurity we as a whole dislike another sister just because of the way she looks, not knowing anything about her. I applaude you my sister…Keep it going. Because if we don’t address our own issues, the ignorance will continue to cycle..Thank you. Denise waller-lyles

  2. This is definitely a great way of looking at loving yourself, of course without the scrutiny of others. Well written, Lady!!

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