Settling: Do We Lose Ourselves When We Find Another?

Some women say “having a piece of a man is better than having no man at all” while others say “you have to make the cut, no romance without finance, I need a Baller!” but is that all that’s required to be in a long term, “meaningful” relationship? So many of us have our independent woman thing going on and when asked why don’t we have a mate the answer is “I refuse to settle”. What exactly does that mean?? In my book there is a great deal of difference between settling and compromise. Settling depletes us…wears down our self esteem. Causes us to diminsh our self worth and personal value. Compromise allows our self image and value to stay intact while still meeting another on a common ground for the greater good. This, my friends, is priceless. No amount of money or status can or should be able to buy your happiness. Truth is, as I have learned, real happiness born deep inside us. So I ask you….What’s the difference? Have you settled? 


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