Cheaters: Do You Tell What You Saw?

So you were just strolling through the grocery store and ran right into your friend’s husband/wife in an intimate moment with someone else…what do you do?

Now for me this one has always been a REAL touchy subject. I have seen friendships destroyed over the sharing of painful news and families torn apart by failure to disclose information. I, for one, always weigh my decision “to tell or not to tell” based on the individual I would have to tell. Sad to say many times I have just shook my head and kept it moving because I did not want to be the shot messenger. So many of us are programmed to get mad at the person who told us even if we KNOW our mate isn’t the most creditable individual but that is our secret pain and as soon as it becomes public record heads must roll! How do you say “Thank you for shining the light on my failing marriage?” As a friend I also wonder how do I say “the man/woman you love is out disrespecting you” without bringing the greatest amount of pain possible to someone I care about. Where does loyalty come in?? In my opinion, I am loyal because I have your best interest at heart. I am loyal because I struggle with sharing news that could hurt in a way I personally cannot fix. I feel those of us who can’t wait to make the call and tell it are the ones who’s loyalty are truly questionable.


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