Silence Isn’t Always Golden

For many years I believed in the statement “what they don’t know can’t hurt me”. Meaning that I would keep many of my feelings to myself in order not to give someone the “upper hand”. I would even withhold apologies at times thinking it made me appear “weak” if I broke first. I am here to tell you I was soooooo wrong. I know now that real strength comes from being willing and able to take the risk and live to tell the story. I hear what many of you are thinking “what if i make a fool of myself?” “what if it still doesn’t work?” My answer is “well at least now you KNOW”. I remember letting someone walk out of my life all because I was not smart enough to say “please don’t go” and I also remember someone being in my life that I really wanted to go all because I was not brave enough to say “please leave”. There is no real progress in our lives when we fail to L.O.L. (live out loud). Love as hard as you can for as long as you can. Ask for that promotion, talk to your kids, apologize when you need to, cry if you have to but do it all because its really how you feel. I’m better for it now. Trust me when I say my teeth didn’t fall out and I didn’t fall dead. The more I spoke from my heart the better I felt and now I would not have it any other way. 


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