Open Relationships/ Open Marriages..Is This A Better Option

I know I may be a day late and a dollar short here ladies but I finally watched the Barbara Walters Pre-Oscar special, which included an interview with Mo’Nique (one of my favorite entertainers). During this interview Mo’Nique revealed that she and her husdand Sidney Hicks share an “open marriage” which would allow for sex with others outside of the marriage. Now this is Mo’Nique’s third marriage and she seems very happy. According to the interview the two have been friends since childhood and have an awesome relationship but I cannot help to question the entire concept of an open marriage. She defined cheating as lying and being deceitful however contends that simply having a sexual affair (no matter how many times it is repeated) does not, in fact, fall under her definition of cheating as long as she is told the act took place.

Seeing as that I am a stickler for detail I felt it necessary to check some definitions of marriage and even looked through some traditional wedding vows…I found the words “forsaken all others..blah blah…remain true to him/her…blah blah…united as one” but no where did I find “sleep around and as long as you share the facts with your spouse all is well”. I also question the message being sent to our younger generation that fidelity is an accessory, not a requirement. Furthermore, according to the Center for Disease Control women of color are the hardest hit by HIV/AIDS. Young women are more likely to contract the disease than older women and AIDS is a common killer of women coming in second only to cancer and heart disease.

After listening to this interview I asked myself “Is it because this is her THIRD marriage?” “Is this a hard but true fact that we (women) need to began to accept?” “Am I crazy because I say I WISH YOU WOULD!!!”

Where do we go from here ladies? If this is marriage…I will pass!


One comment on “Open Relationships/ Open Marriages..Is This A Better Option

  1. I wouldn’t say an open relationship is a better option, it’s just another option. It’s an acquired taste, like beer! Like beer, it’s not for everyone. I personally know several people in different open relationship situations…yes, there are several kinds of open relationships.
    The concept of this type of relationship is likely as foreign as considering polygamy, so there’s no need for me to get into THOSE details of the kinds of open relationships…yet. I applaud Monique for trying something new and getting her personal, positive results! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting an alternate outcome from the last. She broke the mold and is happy with her results. The rate of divorce has increased from 50% to 60% in my time, so less than half the people end up where they want to be. Maybe opening up foreign concepts and thinking outside of one’s limited experience is a good thing.
    I’m not a fan of marriage because it’s a bad contract for a man to sign to prove love or commitment. Couple committed to each other long before paper and contracts. If marriage were more of that specific couple’s making then maybe more would be successful. Instead, most seem to follow the rules and regulations of marriage and more than half fail.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as you have consenting adults.

    Two is company, now three’s allowed…LOL! Peace.

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