When he said “I need my space” What was he REALLY saying?

From Member:

Hello isista ladies,
My first time writing a post on here…
I felt compelled to share an experience that is really hurting me…My boyfriend of six months has decided that he needs space (about one week) to think about if he is really the man for me. There has been recent changes in his life that he has been forced to deal with and of course I have been by his side through it all. Lately though, we have not been talking/texting/seeing each other like we used to. He is a PT student, works 70 hours a week, and is a great father to his 4-year old son from a previous relationship. Plus he has family issues ( a sickly mom and ghetto family members) that he tends to on a regular. I say all this to say, I know he has a lot on plate. He is also trying to become a homeowner, which is a stressful process in itself.

My gut tells me that because his life is not where he thinks it should be, he feels that he can’t be the ideal man for me – although he has already stated he felt like I could be his wife, he has met my kids and family (they all LOVE him – which is rare)….

I want to give him space, but I am soo scared that he will say it is over. I cannot stress enough how good of a man he is: tall, dark, handsome, well-endowed (ladies u know that’s huge assest – pun intended:) and a really great father to his son..plus he knows and loves God…what more could I ask for? If i give him the space, then what? I am pissed at him for even wanting it! Why do I have to go through this shit??!! I am upset with him for not being able to juggle so many balls in the air – moms like me do it every day! Any advice?


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