Am I Still Your Friend If I Say You Are Wrong?

I recently watched the season premiere of “Basketball Wives”. In this episode Evelyn has decided to profit off of selling t-shirts with the slogan “You’re a Non-F’in Factor” (short recap: Last season Evelyn revealed that she slept with cast member Tammi’s husband and in a heated argument blurted out “oh well you were a non f’in factor”) Apparently the statement went viral and thus her “brilliant” plan took flight.

My question stems from the factor that Evelyn and Shaunie seem to be pretty good friends. So as friends I wonder why didn’t Shaunie speak up and say “Hey friend, that’s in very poor taste. How about you DON’T do the shirts?”

Ladies, what kind of friends are we if we stand by and say nothing when our good girlfriends show out in public, make bad judgement calls, lack integrity, are classless and down right unladylike?

Am I not your friend if I call you out on your mess? Is this simply an example of birds of a feather flocking together?

Shouldn’t we hold ourselves and our friends to a standard of excellence? Does it not look bad on you, as a woman, when your friend acts like she has lost her mind and you amen the madness? Aren’t we responsibile to be the voice of reason?

To my friends, be advised….I WILL CALL YOU OUT. I love you too much not to. As TLC said, What about your friends?


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